Why do many products come from China?

Just look at the tag and you will realize how many things you have at home are MADE IN CHINA. How come?

Because they cost much less than those manufactured in Europe or other countries. The reason why they cost much less? Sometimes, they are lower quality and more. In China, in fact, workers earn much less than in europe or other countries and also have many fewer rights: working hours are longer, companies spend less on safety at work and have fewer requirements to be met to protect the environment. .. The final product, so, will cost much less. Not surprisingly, many European companies have also started to produce there or in countries where labor is cheaper.

read the actual article in italian

translated by tommaso israely

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2 Responses to Why do many products come from China?

  1. Frank says:

    I think your blog is pretty good. GOOD JOB!

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